RESPECT the beat goes on

This book offers photographs of many great artists as well as extensive discographies and biographies. A well-known pop journalist has added many anecdotes. This publication comes with a cd with 25 versions of the song ‘Respect’ which was originally presented by Otis Redding and made a worldwide hit by Arteha Franklin. The cd has 25 tracks, in a wide range of styles.

This book is not an encyclopaedia of Soul or Black music. It is a book about a kind of music I was raised with, music that is close to my heart. Music that helped me numerous times during romantic evenings. Music that lives on today still .

It is photographic journey through Soul, through the many fusions and crossovers that followed, from Funk to Disco, from HipHop to RnB, New Jack Soul, Retro Soul, and more.

What Jazz and Blues did not achieve, Soul did : it gave people over the world a message and a reason to stand up and SAY IT LOUD. I feel honoured and happy to have met so many of these great people and that I was allowed to photograph them. ‘So now get on up and shake that thing. You know it will make you feel better’. (J.B.)


Publisher : PS.items, Harderwijk, NL
Press : Flevodruk
Bound (anthracite) + cd
Size : 34 x 24 (landscape)
More than 130 large photos (colour and b/w)
Language : Dutch
ISBN-10: 90-77204-32-6
ISBN-13: 978-90-77204-32-0